We make all of our own Jewelry. Wire wrapped rings, pendants, bracelets, and earings!!! We also set gemstones and opals into prong settings. Here at Allin Gem we cold forge most of it with love. Every hammer is love, love, love!

Cold Forged

When you hammer your wire it strengthens the integrity of the jewelry. By pushing the molecules in the wire closer together just like done on a sword with the assistance of heat. We do not heat the metal before hammering. This makes it harder to flatten. Also the flattened in some places look is really fancy looking.

Hand Made

All of our jewelry is hand made and designed by the wonderful Veronica Michels with love. We believe in raising consciousness and trying to heal the world, so as a small family owned business we put as much good intention and love into all of our jewelry.

Our selection is always rotating and you will receive the exact piece that is pictured when you purchase your jewelry. So don’t miss this opportunity to own a one of a kind piece. Buy now so you dont miss it!!!

If you would like something custom wrapped just email us and we would be happy to do that for you. Especially any sory of stone you find here on the site we can wrap it up before we send it.

Silver Chains

We also carry a wide selection of .925 sterling silver chains. We source our chains from Italy so the quality is phenomenal. As far as price and quality, you need to look nowhere else for that perfect chain you need.

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