A fossil needs to be over 1 million years old to be considered a fossil technically. Amber is a really good example of this. At Allin Gem we offer a wide selection of fossils. We carry trilobites, ammonites, orthoceras, fish, mosasaurus, petrified wood, and many more unique fossils.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality fossil selection in the world right to your doorstep. We source our fossils direct to the source so you dont have to.

Being a small business that has been running for 17 years, this has taken us to cultural abundance and understanding. We love what we do and appreciate the whole experience and your business.

Alot of our fossils come from madagascar which is an island off africa mainland. A very beautiful place abundant with top notch fossils. Most of which are from the precambrian peroid. This period is 350 to 500 million years ago. Whaaaattt???? WOW!!! thats old!!!

We appreciate your business and time to take a look at our awesome selection and we share a message of love for all. Have a wonderful time!

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