A Cabochon is a way of shaping gemstones. It is a gemstone shaped and polished in a rounded dome with a flat back. It is a popular way of preparing gemstones from the Middle Ages before faceted, or many-sided, cuts were possible. The cuts can be circle, freeform, oval, rectangle, square, symmetrical, triangle, or more exotic shapes. It is a window to show the beauty inside the stone.

Gemstone Cabochon

     Softer gemstones with a seven or less on the Mohs scale, such as opal, moonstone, turquoise, and onyx, are often cabochon stones instead of faceted to hide possible scratches. They may also be opaque or translucent instead of transparent. Lower-grade gemstones like garnet, quartz, ruby, and sapphire that would not make an attractive facet, are shaped into beautiful cabochons.

     Other gemstones that make beautiful cabochons display optical phenomena. Star sapphires and star rubies get their name from the asterisms, or star effects, seen when rounded and polished. Chrysoberyl and tiger’s-eye are cabochon stones that contain chatoyancy, or cat’s eye effect. The adularescence of moonstone and the iridescence of opals also make them popular cabochon gemstones.

Allin Gem Rock Shop carries a wide variety of beautiful gemstone cabochons, including:

Tourmaline quartz
Dendritic agate
Lapis lazuli
Picasso jasper
Picture jasper
Bumblebee jasper
Tiger iron
Rutile quartz
Ruby zoisite
Blue apatite
Rose quartz
Shiva shell

Silver Smithing and Wire Wrapping
     Cabochon gemstones are popular in crafting and jewelry making. Using silver to solder along the outside of them creates a custom fit for any piece. Wires are also used to surround and hold cabochon gemstones by expertly coiling, curling, twisting, and bending them around the cabochon. Wire wrapping can be as intricate or as simple as desired and is a popular technique for cabochon gemstone jewelry. We offer handmade jewelry at Allin Gem Rock Shop, including rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings using wire wrapping and prong settings.

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