Labradorite -The stone of Magic and Transformation
Labradorite brings magical abilities to fruition, especially those focused on psychic abilities, divinity, intuition, and past-life recall, by channeling our highest self into the present and allowing it to grow.
Many use this stone to seek a change or transformation. Its ability to transform is visible in its physical appearance with its constant change in color and remarkable shades of depth that shift at every glance. It is well known as a stone that can create that transformation for you, too, and assist you in direct placement on the path meant for you.
Labradorite acts as an anchor for you into other realms, such as the dream world, which is one of the many reasons Shamans and other spirit workers so frequently use it.
The stone is an auric shield, acting as a defense from those who drain your energy. It also heals auric holes and prevents auric leakage from occurring.
It aids the wearer in balance, strength, patience, and stress reduction. It provides a calm and soothing touch while still allowing intuition to thrive, even in the most challenging situations. It aids in the challenges of an unsettled or overworked mind, allowing intuition to be heard and redirected into more suitable actions and thoughts.
It activates the Throat Chakra, enabling you to speak your mind in an authentic yet productive way. It connects you to your Third Eye, which allows you to hear your spirit and highest self more clearly. Together, these two qualities will lead you precisely where you need to be while feeling confident in your path.
All in all, this stone is perfect for any person seeking clarity in their journey, especially if it is one of magic or transformation and growth in those areas.

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  1. Good Morning ☀️ I’m so grateful to have found you❣️I’d love to see what you have. I’ve been in The healing arts for 32 yrs. I’ve always been drawn to the power of Crystals & stones even as a child. My work has encompassed massage therapy,Trigger Point specialist, muscle & emotional balancing through muscle testing & Tapping. Im so grateful for the gift God gave me I’ve used crystals in the past & have them in my home & healing room. I was guided to your site & would love to learn more & see what you have. I let my spirit do the talking & immediately stopped on Laborite. Have a beautiful day❣️💜💫

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